Optimise your internal business recruitment process.

The RemiPeople recruitment webapp applies powerful but simple tools to help you source, filter, interview and select the right talent, consistently.

It adds up to less work for hiring teams and happier candidates, sign up today.

Built-in diversity recruiting tools

See light at the end of the funnel

RemiPeople - Diversity Recruiting Funnel RemiPeople - Diversity Recruiting Funnel
  1. Online Applicant Assessment

    Job applicants are anonymised

    Engage applicants and build your company brand

  2. Automated Screening

    Screen candidates for essential skills

    Qualifying candidates complete work sample questions

  3. Score and Rank Candidates

    Evaluate candidates based on work sample questions

    Select for interview

  4. Structured Interview Builder

    Pre-set interview questions

    Candidate comparison scoring and reporting

Who should be Hiring with RemiPeople?

About me

Hi I’m Yvonne Bowyer and my story isn’t unusual…..

A Woman (that’s me!) sidelined from a successful, high flying, corporate career because she was pregnant.

After her second child, with her husband working fulltime, she was unable to find flexible work so she could manage a busy home life. Undeterred she turned her hand to a Start Up designed to Shake Up workplaces to replace outdated but persistent business processes with fresh tools to make businesses better- for customers, employees, owners and shareholders.

My third ‘baby’, RemiPeople (Recruitment & Engagement Management Information) is affectionately named after my first two children Remy and Mimi, who really inspired this Start Up in so many ways. This our first product is a Recruitment Assistance Cloud Application.

But, this might surprise you….

I’ve never enjoyed the recruitment process. Hiring success seemed almost random, until now. I’ve spent months reading and researching into the best ways of solving the problem of seemingly randomly successful hiring (Note: it’s not actually random) and improving diversity and flexibility in the workplace.

RemiPeople can help you to solve these problems. It guides you through an intuitive step by step process, each designed around the best available evidence so you get the best results.

I’m a tech newbie and have never written a piece of code. But I did meticulously design RemiPeople (along with amazing support from a large group of talented tech experts) so you can be sure it’s dead simple to use.

Happy Hiring with RemiPeople….

Who’s Using RemiPeople

  1. City Mazda
    City Mazda
  2. Ferntree Gully Toyota
    Ferntree Gully Toyota
  3. Drive Co
    Drive Co
  4. Canberra Motorcycle Centre
    Canberra Motorcycle Centre
  5. Dutton Garage
    Dutton Garage
  6. Maughan Thiem
    Maughan Thiem
  7. Artlink
  8. CMS
    CMS Private Advisory
  9. National Capital Motors
    National Capital Motors
  10. Tynan Motors
    Tynan Motors

Not Convinced? Here's just some of the evidence

  1. Harvard Business Review A blind, systematic process for reviewing applications and resumes will help you improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool, including uncovering some hidden gems.
    Rebecca Knight (2017). 7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process. Harvard Business Review, June 12.
  2. Based on 85 years of research analysing 19 different personnel selection techniques, those methods most highly correlated with on the job performance are not widely deployed.
    F. L. Schmidt and J. E. Hunter (1998). The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings. Psychological Bulletin. Vol 124, No. 2 , 262- 274.
  3. Psychological Science Establishing performance criteria before you screen applicants prevents the negative influence of bias.
    Eric Luis Uhlmann and Geoffrey L. Cohen (2005). Constructed Criteria. Redefining Merit to Justify Discrimination. Psychological Science. Vol 16, Number 6, pp 474-480
  4. Harvard Business Review As interviewers we can’t help but look for people who are like us. This is a problem and why interviewing shouldn’t be your evaluation tool of choice. Work-sample tests, structured interviews, and comparative evaluation are the smart and the right things to do, allowing you to hire the best talent instead of those who look the part.
    Iris Bohnet (2016). How to Take the Bias Out of Interviews. Harvard Business Review. April 18.
  5. Academy of Management Perspectives When candidates perceive the hiring process as fair and are provided with realistic job previews they see your company as more attractive, are more committed and satisfied, so stay longer.
    David G. Allen, Phillip C. Bryant, and James M. Vardaman (2010). Talent: Replacing Misconceptions With Evidence-Based Strategies. Academy of Management Perspectives, May pp48-64.
  6. Harvard Business Review When there was only one woman or minority candidate in a pool of four finalists, their odds of being hired were statistically zero. ..... by adding just one more woman or minority candidate, the decision makers actually considered hiring a woman or minority candidate.
    Stefanie K. Johnson, David R. Hekman and Elsa T. Chan (2016). If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired. Harvard Business Review. April 26.
We didn’t have the time or resources to achieve a ‘gold standard’ recruitment process that removes bias. Technology has been a real enabler. We now have a recruitment process that helps everyone involved in hiring make much more educated and better hiring decisions.
Amanda Heveren, HR, Frankston Toyota