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  1. What is...

    1. RemiPeople is a web - based software application or SaaS (Software as a Service), which streamlines and improves your internal recruitment process. Uniquely RemiPeople has been carefully designed to strip out unconscious bias from each stage of the recruiting process, meaning better quality hires, who are better matched to your business. Additionally we automate the many manual, repetitive tasks associated with hiring, meaning you find the best hires, faster but with less effort.
    2. SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and web browser. This removes the cost and effort associated with hosting and maintaining the software. Meaning no additional IT work for your business, as we take care of all that. Additionally there’s no need be tied into a product license or support fees. You simply pay for the jobs you wish to recruit as you go.
    3. Many of the tasks associated with the recruitment process are manual and repetitive. Take for example the scheduling of interviews, or internal candidate tracking and communication. RemiPeople automates these and other processes associated with recruitment so your business can better deploy these resources.
    4. Unconscious bias (or implicit bias) is often defined as prejudice in favour of or against one thing, person, or group as compared to another, in a way that is usually considered unfair. Unconscious bias occurs automatically, a sort of mental shortcut to help the brain process masses of information it’s exposed to each second. Although we all have biases, many unconscious biases tend to be exhibited toward minority groups based on factors such as, gender, race, ethnicity, social status, sexual preference, age and other such traits.

      Hiring bias is rampant throughout each stage of hiring process and negatively affects your business's ability to hire the very people it needs for growth.
    5. RemiPeople automates the best hiring process. Many systems will automate a hiring process, but without stripping out bias, you’re left with an inferior recruitment process. Automating an inefficient hiring system serves to only accentuate its flaws. Technology affords us the opportunity to de-bias the hiring processes with anonymised candidate screening and structured interviewing. Manual processes which are very difficult and time consuming to implement. Technology helps.
  2. What does RemiPeople offer?

    1. Reviewing resumes is overly time consuming. Worst it encourages you to focus on assessing the WRONG information. Too much time and credence is attributed to companies you've worked for, job experience and factors such as age or family circumstances. Such credentials and demographics do not indicate how capable a candidate is to perform your job. Instead with RemiPeople you generate an online candidate assessment, tailored specifically to your company and job. This way candidates can SHOW you their capabilities rather than them TELLING you via their resume.
    2. This is a real time saver. We automatically remove the ‘tyre-kickers’ so you can focus on genuine applicants. Online job boards make it so easy for candidates to apply for multiple roles, many of which they are not interested in pursuing. This costs you valuable time. We’ve structured the online assessment to provide candidates rich information about your company and job to help them decide if it’s a good fit for them. Candidates can anonymously self-withdraw from the process. In turn those that continue with the process and if selected for hiring, are more likely to remain longer with your company.
    3. To remove bias and ensure your team focuses on candidate capabilities we have you anonymously score and rank candidate answers to the online assessment. During the screening phase you know nothing about the candidates apart from the quality of their answers to your questions. Once you’ve allocated candidates a score you then can access their CV to make an objective judgement on whether they should be shortlisted for interview.
    4. The first screening step consists of generating questions that ask whether candidates meet your minimum or essential criteria. These often include, but is not limited to, experience, qualifications and skills. These questions are automatically scored, as you tag the correct answer during the set up phase.

      As soon as applicants apply you can immediately see if they meet your criteria and whether you should proceed with them. Without wasting valuable time reviewing their CV.
    5. The second screening step consists of generating work skill or aptitude questions. These questions ask candidates what they would do in a real-life work scenario. Such questions can be mapped to different competencies you want to assess. We have lots of resources to help you with this step in the process. Contact for assistance.

      To allow you to better score and rank candidates we use the ‘chunking’ scoring method. You are presented with all the answers to a question and rate each candidates response against each other. This replaces the more traditional scoring method where you score each candidate separate from each other. Again another way to remove the harmful effects of bias. For example if a candidate fluffs one question you’re more likely to unfairly score them down on other questions even though each question is of equal weighting and should be judged on it’s own merits.
    6. Following a structured interviewing process is twice as effective at helping you identify the best hire as compared to the more commonly used, semi or unstructured interviewing. This is because it minimises bias during this face to face process. RemiPeople allows you to build and implement the structured interviewing process, quickly and easily. Interview questions are preloaded and each interviewer is provided an online assessment tool. This includes the interview question and ideal answer. Accompanied is a scoring tool along with room for comments. This facilitates asking the same questions to all candidates along with immediate scoring – all requirements of a structured interviewing process.
    7. Once the interview is completed all scores are automatically loaded into a leader board. This provides a visual view of how candidates have performed at each stage of the hiring process. Best performers are filtered to the top. You now have objective data to make the best unbiased hiring choice.
    8. With its Reporting functionality RemiPeople allows you to assess your talent pool demographics for each role. See the age, race, gender and disability profile of the candidates who are applying for roles within your business.

      Additionally you can see the gender breakdown for each stage of the recruitment process. This information can be used to monitor the degree to which you are achieving any organisational diversity objectives and what corrective action is required.
  3. How is RemiPeople different from...

    1. Online job boards such as SEEK offer a community of active job seekers. RemiPeople then filters these candidates through a debiased recruitment process to help you select the best hire. When using RemiPeople you would ordinarily continue to attract candidates using online job boards, social media, referral programs and any others ways you have found successful.
    2. ATS is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs, much like a customer relationship management (CRM) system. ATS allows data mining and collection and the ability to automate the recruitment process via a defined workflow.

      ATS is a significant investment and pricing ranges from around $USD3,000 ( <10 employees) to around $USD 140,000 per year (5,000+ employees) (ref link)

      Quality of Hire
      In many cases ATS filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience and schools attended. Unlike RemiPeople this exacerbates bias during the hiring process. In response this has encouraged candidates to adopt resume optimisation techniques similar to those used in search engine optimisation when creating and formatting their résumé.

      ATS's have many advanced features that automate the manual tasks of hiring making the recruitment process more efficient.

      Diversity Functionality
      Unlike RemiPeople, ATS's do not offer diversity functionality such as
      • Structured Interviewing
      • Interviewer independence to avoid Groupthink
      • Comparative scoring
      • Anonymised candidate screening

      See the Summary Comparison Chart
    3. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business. It may also include applicant tracking, interview and selection, not dissimilar to an ATS (refer to ATS for comparison with RemiPeople).
    4. RemiPeople is an internal recruitment business tool designed to support hiring managers and your internal human resources team should you have one. The major advantage of using an external recruiter, should you select the right provider, is the ability to source candidates for difficult to fill roles.

      External Recruiters, are the most expensive recruitment option.

      Quality of Hire
      Engaging an external recruiter may improve the Quality of your Hires but the process is still subject to recruiter bias.

      Outsourcing hiring to an external recruiter may shave some time off the process, but it still requires heavy involvement from the business.

      Diversity Functionality
      This service is not offered.

      See the Summary Comparison Chart
    5. RemiPeople provides peace of mind that your hiring managers and recruiters are not turning away the very candidates that your business needs for growth. This isn’t because they are trying to do the wrong thing, rather it’s because of their unconscious bias. This bias affects all humans, no one is spared. You do not require a Human Resources team to use RemiPeople.

      RemiPeople is a cost effective way to remove bias from the recruitment process

      Quality of Hire
      You can be assured of finding the most suitable and capable candidates using RemiPeople as it removes bias from each stage of the recruitment process.

      Many of the manual tasks of recruitment are automated by RemiPeople

      Diversity Functionality
      RemiPeople has been designed with diversity top of mind. Diversity functionality includes
      • Anonymised candidate screening
      • Comparative scoring
      • Structured Interviewing
      • Interviewer independence to avoid Groupthink

      See the Summary Comparison Chart
    6. Using four key features that matter most when it comes to recruitment we’ve compared the recruitment options.

      Quality of Hire
      Here we measure how capable and productive new hires are and do they stay

      Here we consider both how efficient is the recruitment process and the time it takes to hire

      Cost 1
      Here we compare the cost of implementing different recruitment methods.

      Diversity Functionality
      Here we assess if any of the options offer any tools to support diversity recruitment.

      For simplicity we’ve used a traffic light guide to rate providers against each other.

      Features In-House Hiring Team External Recruitment Consultant ATS RemiPeople
      Quality of Hire Augments Recruitment
      Time (speed to hire) Automates recruitment Automates recruitment
      Costs 1 No incremental cost $48,000 >$4,000 $900
      Diversity Functionality Removes bias from each stage of the recruitment process
  4. How does Pricing work?

    1. We charge for each recruiting episode, or each job role. Each job role costs $AUD 300 (excluding GST). This covers the screening, assessment and interviewing of candidates.
    2. You can access RemiPeople without payment. Payment is required to attract candidates to the job vacancy. This occurs after you’ve set up the role and developed the candidate assessment.
    3. After you've set up the role you then have 35 days to attract candidates to apply and complete the online assessment. Assessing candidates, shortlisting and interviewing them using RemiPeople attracts no further charges and no time limits are set.
    4. Yes, you will be required to purchase an additional job credit.
    5. If less than 5 applicants apply we will extend the job for a further 4 weeks without charge.
    6. You can do either. During the purchase process you are asked how many jobs you’d like to purchase, you can choose one or more.
    7. Volume discounts are not offered within the RemiPeople program. However if you have more than 500 employees and wish to use RemiPeople for the majority of your recruiting needs we can provide a volume discount. Contact for further information.
    8. When you purchase job(s) within the RemiPeople system you will be required to pay by credit card.

      If you wish to use direct debit for each job you wish to purchase @$AUD 330 (includes GST)/job, deposit the correct amount into this account,

      BSB 065 006
      Account Number 1025 3954

      You will need to provide proof of purchase by emailing and your account will then be credited with the correct number of purchased job credits.
    9. Advertised payment is in Australian Dollars. However during payment processing this will be converted into your local currency.
  5. Other Resources

    1. Visit Here you can subscribe for regular updates.
    2. DriveCo, a group of car dealerships based in Victoria, Australian employs around 200 people and are long standing users of RemiPeople. For customer feedback contact either, Sharon Pask, Chief Financial Officer (email: or Amanda Heveren, Human Resources Manager (email: